a minimalist Jekyll theme

Welcome to Laplacian

This theme is based on the beautiful Lagrange theme by Paul Le. The modifications add some features that I like personally but may not be liked by everyone. Here is a list of modifications, all of which are taken from the Trio theme. Code synt... Read more

Setting up Disqus integration

This theme comes with Disqus integration. All the Disqus Javascript and HTML code required to make Disqus work. All you need to do is change the disqus_shortname field in _config.yml. You can disable comments on a per-post level by adding the foll... Read more

Getting started

First Steps Install Jekyll Download or clone Laplacian Modify _config.yml as needed Test using Jekyll jekyll serve --watch Add posts The permalink field in _config.yml decides how the URL to posts are formed. You can override the glo... Read more