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About Me

Hi! I am an experienced machine learning/data scientist who can write production code. I have a PhD in numerical optimization, statistics, & modeling. I am passionate about ML/statistics but also about software engineering. My current interests include:

I mostly program in Python nowadays but I have used R extensively in the past. I also write production code in Scala using the Spark framework. I also dabble with HTML/CSS/JS to make websites (this blog, Trio, former research group).

Most of my published research involves the combination of chemical engineering with statistics, machine learning, or differential equations. You can find more information on my Google Scholar profile.

On this blog, I publish articles that I believe would save someone else a lot time and effort. In the past, I have mostly blogged about productivity improvement techniques, R, Spark, and Ubuntu. Going forward, you should see more of the same as well as articles about machine learning and statistics.

Feel free to reach out to me!