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Setup autostart in Lubuntu

There are two ways to do this. You can add the executable scripts or programs to the file ~/.config/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart. Click on Start > Default applications for LXSession > Autostart. Type in the names of ... Read more

Navigating Jekyll parsing

To productively work with Github Pages, one has to know their way around Liquid, Markdown, Javascript and HTML. Liquid If you’re beginning with Jekyll, you need to look at the Jekyll homepage. The basics of Liquid can be found Shopify. An extreme... Read more

Adding Disqus to your Jekyll

I transferred my blog from a Wordpress theme to Jekyll/GitHub Pages because I liked the idea of writing up a post in Markdown in my favorite text editor and then using git to push the changes to Github. Add to that the speed and simplicity of havi... Read more

Using Git 2

This post continues my previous post about customizing git. Shortening Git commands Once you start using git a lot, you will get tired of typing out commands like, git status, git branch, and git checkout over and over again. Since git is really... Read more

Aero snap using keyboard

If you’re using Lubuntu 13.10, then chances are that you can snap a window to any of the screen edges (top, bottom, right or left) by pressing Windows+ArrowKey. Or, if you’re on a Mac, then Command+ArrowKey. But these don’t produce the exact same... Read more

Using Git

Git is a free, open source version control system. If you’re looking to learn to use Git, you might find the tutorial at Github extremely useful. Google “github git tutorial” for a horde of beautiful learning resources. You can also go to bitbucke... Read more