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A Guide to Keras Functional API

What is Keras? Keras means many different things. At the time of writing this article, Keras can refer to one of three things: Keras, the API specification keras, the reference implementation, independent of TensorFlow tf.keras, a particul... Read more

Bernoulli Distribution as a tiny Neural Network

Logistic regression is often considered the smallest neural network for binary classification. We can think of Bernoulli distribution as an even smaller neural network – one that doesn’t even depend on the input data. Such a neural network would l... Read more

Setup a Spark cluster on AWS EMR

AWS provides an easy way to run a Spark cluster. Let’s use it to analyze the publicly available IRS 990 data from 2011 to present. This data is already available on S3 which makes it a good candidate to learn Spark. This medium post describes the ... Read more

Always on top in MacOS Sierra

Afloat is a software that allows some Mac application windows to remain on top of other windows even when they are not in focus. Hence the name Always on Top. This is a standard feature for all windows in Ubuntu but in Mac we need to use a third-p... Read more

Install xml2 R package on MacOS

Installing xml2 R package often fails due to missing or incompatible library issues. In this post, I describe why this problem occurs and provide two solutions to solve this problem. What goes wrong? xml2 R package depends on libxml2. When you i... Read more

Sublime-style multiple cursors in Jupyter

Jupyter Notebooks Jupyter Notebooks are great for visualizing and sharing results with others. Learning the keyboard shortcuts tremendously improves productivity while using Jupyter Notebooks. By default, you can see the keyboard shortcuts hel... Read more